How to create a custom Open Restaurant subtheme.

You can use the Open Restaurant Radix kit as a starting point for your subtheme. Follow the steps below to create a subtheme.


  1. Drush
  2. Node

Compatibility with Open Restaurant

To make your theme compatible with Open Restaurant, add package: 'Open Restaurant' to your theme .info.yml.

Create a subtheme

  1. Make sure the Radix theme is enabled: drush en radix -y; drush config-set system.theme default radix -y.
  2. Create a subtheme using the command: drush radix "SUBTHEME NAME" --kit=
  3. Go to the root of the subtheme: cd themes/SUBTHEME_NAME.
  4. Install dependencies: npm run setup.
  5. Once dependencies are installed, you can activate the new subtheme: drush en SUBTHEME_NAME -y; drush config-set system.theme default SUBTHEME_NAME -y.
  6. Update the proxy config in themes/SUBTHEME_NAME/config.json. This is the url of your Open Restaurant site. If your site can be reached at, set as the proxy.
  7. Run gulp to watch for changes.
  8. You can now start making changes. gulp will watch for your SCSS changes and automatically inject the styles at http://localhost:3000.